Giveaway & phone inspiration

The holidays are coming and that means we have a shopping spree to do. Need to buy every single person in the family a small thoughtful gift? Or are you looking for something to treat yourself? A cute gift would be a phonecase and/or accessory.  It’s 2017 and every person has a phone nowadays which needs to be protected by a cute case.


Island weekend

Terschelling is my favorite Dutch Island. We used to come here to celebrate the summer when I was younger and nowadays I still love to go.
To catch up some memories and of course make some new ones, my sister and I booked a weekend to catch some breath!
In this post you’ll read about cool hotspots, must do’s and the most beautiful sunsets. (more…)

Blue stripes

For the first time in forever I have returned with an outfit post. Since my blog still is a style and travel blog, I try to interchange these subjects as much as possible. You can most probably understand that these are two quite expensive hobbies and I try to post as much as possible. Next month I’ll have a one week holiday in Berlin and I’d like to show you some of the outfits I have planned to pack. To start with this striped blouse and a simple loose Bermuda.  (more…)