Island weekend

Terschelling is my favorite Dutch Island. We used to come here to celebrate the summer when I was younger and nowadays I still love to go.
To catch up some memories and of course make some new ones, my sister and I booked a weekend to catch some breath!
In this post you’ll read about cool hotspots, must do’s and the most beautiful sunsets. (more…)

Grand Canyon, route 66

Welcome to one of the highlights of this trip, THE GRAND CANYON . Yes, I know the whole tour was one big highlight and I picked a few favorites to mark how special those moments were to me. As stunned as you are when you see images, the more stunned you will be by the beauty of this natural phenomenon.


Scheveningen beach

I have been wanting to go to Scheveningen beach for ages. After the closing of the pier in 2013, the renovation and re-opening last year, I was really curious how it all turned out. I have been to Scheveningen before but back then the pier was more of an abandoned environment.
So off we went, first to the Hague to do some shopping and later to the beach to keep up with our tan.  (more…)