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The holidays are coming and that means we have a shopping spree to do. Need to buy every single person in the family a small thoughtful gift? Or are you looking for something to treat yourself? A cute gift would be a phonecase and/or accessory.  It’s 2017 and every person has a phone nowadays which needs to be protected by a cute case.

In collaboration with hoesjes-outlet I got to share some inspiration and I wouldn’t let you buy something without me reviewing them first!

I chose to review a flipcover/wallet case. I like to travel and I like nature. When you’re on adventure you like to keep your phone save at all times. A flipcover protects your phone from both sides and offers great support when you might drop your cell by accident!

This flowers case is pretty firm and fits great. And by that I mean it won’t fall out easily. I accidently ordered the wrong case, when it arrived I found out I actually have a galaxy s7 so that’s unfortunate. But my mom has a galaxy s5 so I could try it out with her phone. Hoesjes-outlet has phone cases for almost every type of phone. Today I am showing you a samsung galaxy s5 case!

The case has a plastic backcover and is very lightweight. On the inside there is space to put some of your cards like ID or creditcard and pocket to put some cash into.

The only thing that I was a disappointed about is the color. It is much more vibrant than the picture on the website showed, also it has one pocket less for cards then I am used to but that is no big deal.

 So far I am very pleased with the outcome and the quality is great!

Now I have some great new for you!
You can win €15,00 to spend at hoesjes-outlet.
How to enter:

1. Have a look at the hoesjes-outlet website to find your favorite phonecase

 2 Let me know you enter in the comments! You can enter until friday 22/12/17 12:00

Dutch and Belgian entries only.

I will announce the winner on christmas eve! (december 24).


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  1. Nice 🤗

  2. Bianca oosting says: Reply

    Gedaan ik doe graag mee

    1. Leuk! Welk hoesje vind je het leukste?

  3. Ik zou sowieso voor de Samsung Galaxy S6 Paint Bookcase Hoesje met ruimte voor pasjes gaan. Echt mooie kleuren!

    1. Leuk! Je doet nu mee aan de giveaway

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