A dive into nature, Yosemite NP

If you have read the book ‘Amy and Roger’s epic detour’ you might know what I mean. It was the first time Yosemite caught my attention and I have wanted to go there ever since.

No picture does justice to the beautiful of this grand piece of nature. I have only seen a small part of the great national park but it stole my heart.

Yosemite has some great hikes to offer, a lot of wildlife and the clean air makes you feel so alive. Especially when you’ve been to the desert just a day before. It is on about a 4 hour drive from San Francisco. We came from Las Vegas and stayed on a KOA campsite near the Sierra Nevadas the night before which was about a 7 hour drive, with a stop in Death Valley, (I am not making a post about this except if there are any special requests). From lake Isabella to Yosemite is about 5,5 hours.

The first Yosemite day we went to one of the most famous outlooks on the park; Tunnel view also known as Inspiration point. From this point you can see the famous El capitan and the Bridalveil falls.  You’ll get there at the end of the tunnel on Wawona road.

From this point we resume our trip to some grand Sequoias as you can see in the picture. They’re really impressive, made me very curious to Sequoia National Park. Maybe a trip for the future 😉 .

Time to head to our campground for the next two nights. This campground ‘Yosemite lakes RV resort’ hasn’t seen bears in the past 60 years so there was no need for a special food container. But we did need to put all of our edible stuff in the trailer to prevent worst case scenario’s.

I love how campgrounds close to nature have the bright starry skies you’ll never see in cities. The campfire-eat-smores-in-your-pj’s-while-looking-at-starry-skies- moments are something I will never ever forget.

The second day was all about hiking. Our tourleader got a day off so we went on adventure for ourselves. I really wanted to do a big hike but unfortunately I forgot to bring my blood-pressure medicines and honestly wasn’t really in shape to do so. Great excuse to get back here, haha! Instead of the big hikes a girl from England and I went to mirror lake. A stunning walk on a riverside, the mountains reflecting in the water, little waterfalls and many, many trees. The feeling being down there is amazing, surrounded by immense nature. Pure luck. After that we went to see the lower falls, a small hike with great views. The only bad thing is that this walk is very crowded. But it has wheelchair access which is awesome. Next year I am definitely doing some hikes, I am already training myself for some steep walks.

The week we went here, snow fell a few days before. The nights in our tents were freezing and the showers ran out of hot water. But I feel like that these are things you have to experience while travelling. Unexpected moments are what makes your trip unforgettable. You see, I have been home now for 3,5 months and I have even been on another holiday already but still this trip is what I think about regularly. Also because I am planning my next year holiday, I CANT WAAAIT!!!

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  1. Lovely wtories Lottie 🤗 Makes me curious and I also really want to go there!! ❤

    1. Gaan we doen hoor!

  2. Uh…. wtories?¿ I mean stories ofcourse 🙃


    1. Hahaha jaa ik ook. Gauw weer :p

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