Grand Canyon, route 66

Welcome to one of the highlights of this trip, THE GRAND CANYON . Yes, I know the whole tour was one big highlight and I picked a few favorites to mark how special those moments were to me. As stunned as you are when you see images, the more stunned you will be by the beauty of this natural phenomenon.

After a 4 hour drive, with a stop in Seligman we got to the Grand Canyon. By the time we arrived at the visitor centre parking lot, we got to take each others hand to follow the path blindfolded! We heard voices around us, had to walk the stairs down to the rim without seeing a thing. When the whole group was standing there, our tour leader counted to three and then we all got to take of our blindfolds. The surprise was spectacular, we stared right into the Canyon!

 That afternoon we went to the campground to set up our tents and unpack our bags for the night. In the meantime, our tour leader picked up some pizza’s in a nearby town called Tusayan. That’s when our next surprise came up, watch the sun set at the Grand Canyon. So we drove back to have a little pizza party enjoying the view. I tell you, this was one of the happiest moments in my life. The colors of the Canyon while the sun drops are to die for, it’s so quiet in the evening and everyone feels so satisfied with just being there eating our pizza’s.

The next day we had time to explore the environment. Do a hike or walk the rim, there are plenty of buses driving around to bring you to town, visitor center or a place to hike. We chose to do the short 1/2 hour hike, the walk down is pretty great, you get to see some amazing views and get your ‘sitting on the edge’ picture. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my blood pressure meds the whole holiday, so every single hike upwards was a pretty big deal for me. ( I am trying to get in shape this year, so I will be able to hike next year).

Of course we had to see a part of the historic route 66. We stopped at a town called Seligman, we ate lunch in the backyard of Delgadillo’s Snow Cap. The Snow Cap is famous for its special big milkshakes. I really liked this town for its vintage appearance and I really recommend visiting if you’re around (lol).

Route 66, Seligman and the Grand Canyon were one of my favorites on this trek. I cannot wait to visit it all again.

My next post will be about another Dutch village, my hometown!
I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I forgot to mention that if you want to know anything about my trips, just ask! I’ll answer as soon as possible. 😉


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  2. Trotse vader ….prachtig

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