River island & desert, AZ

The third day of our trip consisted of heat, heat and more heat. We drove all the way from San Diego, CA to Parker, Arizona. That is about 280 miles/460 km. Yay for airconditioning. In this post I’ll show you our campsite and a part of the desert.

One of our stops today was at Salvation Mountain, in the middle of nowhere. Definately a place I would recommend to visit. You can barely imagine that one has been working to make all of this in this heat.
When we got there is was around 42℃/106℉.

Salvation mountain is a colorful hill covered with bible verses and christian sayings in the middle of the Colorado Desert. You can walk around and reach the cross by walking the ‘yellow brick road’. The mountain did have a small role in the movie ‘into the wild’ (If you haven’t seen it, do it. You’ll love it).

The next stop are the Algodones sand dunes, a huge field of sand near the border of Arizona and Mexico. Everywhere you look is sand, or in our case sand and a goods-train. It felt really western movie like to see a train in the middle of the desert. Also very hot out here , but definitely a must see.
Remember to bring your water bottles and refill them as much as possible.

The final stop of day three is the River Island state park campground. The prettiest place in the world, and we also had the best site, riverside to the Colorado.
Since we just survived the hottest day of the trip we all went for a dive in the cooling water.

The closest thing to a shadow was next to this rock. Unfortunately we only stayed here for one night.

My pictures aren’t half as pretty as this place looked in real life. I felt so satisfied with everything around me, the sky, the nice group of people, everything we’ve done so far. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this.

 Goodnight, Parker!

The next post will be a Dutch trip.
I’ll let you wait for the Grand Canyon experience 😉









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  1. Most beautiful place of the entire trip! ❤

    1. Definitely!!

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