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I have been wanting to go to Scheveningen beach for ages. After the closing of the pier in 2013, the renovation and re-opening last year, I was really curious how it all turned out. I have been to Scheveningen before but back then the pier was more of an abandoned environment.
So off we went, first to the Hague to do some shopping and later to the beach to keep up with our tan.Β 

When we go to The Hague, we actually always walk straight on to the city centre. That is because we focus on shopping all the time. But this time we went for a walk around the Malieveld which is a field with a history. It also is a field where demonstrations, fairs, festivals and events are being held.
I’ve been to the binnenhof Β (inner court) for the first time in my life. The binnenhof houses among other things the office of the prime minister and is the oldest house of parliament in the world that is still in use.

After our walk we went to the city centre for our lunch and to do a little shopping. ( I bought two new outfits that I will show you in a post next month).

We got to speak an African woman who asked us to help her with her project. She wrote down an African sentence, part of a song and we had to practice it and say it in front of the camera. She was such a lovely lady, when I get to know more about her project I will definitely share the link with you guys!

InΒ the afternoon we went off to wander around the beach area. The pier and the boulevard have a lot of entertainment to offer.
You can go down a zipline, do some bungy jumping or go round in the ferris wheel and have a great sight on the beach.
On the boulevard you can have a look at the beautiful Kurhaus hotel, visit sea life or the sculptures by the sea museum.

Scheveningen offers a lot of nice food and drinks. Especially the pier has a nice variety of food, enjoy while breathing the ocean’s fresh air and the beautiful view. In case you are now curious, I will share with you the website for more information.

As you can tell, I am really enthusiastic about the pier.
I really enjoyed the day and it genuinely felt like a one-day vacation.
I have some nice trips awaiting to share with you and Wednesday you can read about my visit to the Grand Canyon/Route 66!

What is your favorite beach to spend the day?








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