Viva Las Vegas

The next stop is Vegas BABY, I have to admit that at first I was a bit sceptical about the whole vegas thing. Is it really all about partying and throwing away money? And what else is there to do but gambling? Well, enough! You’ll read about it in this post.

The first day we drove from the Grand Canyon to our hotel, The Golden Nugget. The hotel is located in down town Las Vegas, Old Town at Fremont Street Experience. When we got there we quickly unloaded the van, installed our stuff in the rooms and went to wander around for a bit. A part of the group went to get tattoos and the rest of us went to look for the piercing shop where I got my nose pierced the next day. After that we went to make an appointment to go down the zoomline and got ready for dinner at the all you can eat buffet. The thing I dislike about America are the non-included taxes, so when you pay there most of the time will be a surprise amount of money you need to pay on top of the original price.

Then we got ready for our second party bus experience. Driving around Vegas, looking at the city lights, of course stop at the famous sign for some group pictures and a stop at a wedding chapel. At the end of the tour we got to choose if we wanted to go to a club or back to the hotel. I knew I would regret not going, so we went to a club called Hyde located in the Bellagio hotel. After 30 minutes waiting in line we got in, it was very crowded, nice to experience, nice view on the fountains and the eiffel tower, nothing more, nothing less. Too many V.I.P. spaces.  So we got our free drinks and went off to wander around on the strip. I tell you, that’s the best thing at night, so many lights, traffic, shops are open to late at night. I’d wish we would’ve visited the Venetian and saw the Bellagio fountain at night but I’ll keep that for my next trip.

The second day was a day off. Also the first day to sleep in until 10am. First things first, we went to the piercing shop, I was so nervous but it turned out to be one second of a tingly nostril and done. Then we went for breakfast at McDonald’s, lol.

In the afternoon we took an Uber to the strip, we’d seen the Bellagio fountain show, went out to do some shopping. There was a really cool mall, the shops looked like eastern buildings, the ceiling was blue and cloudy. So basically an inside outdoor mall (can you keep up? ;p ) And we had the luck that Sephora re-opened that day.

This picture shows the zip/zoomline. That’s what we did on the second day, I was so scared because all of the warnings that said things about big injuries causing death and all those scary things. But finally flying there it was actually really cool! If you’d like a shorter, less high option you can also choose to do the zipline. You just fly over all the people on Fremont Street as fast as you want to. If it wasn’t $45 dollars I’d really wanted to go twice.

If you wondered, I didn’t do any gambling, I am very careful with my money. And I honestly am very anxious since I don’t know any of the games ha!

Some tips for your Vegas trip:
– Have a few night out clothing options
– Bring a small bag you can keep your eye on at all times
– Make sure you drink enough ( and I don’t mean liquor lol)
– Visit hotels along the strip SO MUCH TO SEE

next up is death valley!






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